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OCG Telecom can provide you with over 400,000 IT and Telecom Products through our Online Store with the option to take purchase orders and major credit cards. Our goal is to make it easy to do business with us.

Custom Catalog and Pricing

We can develop a custom catalog with approved products and pricing specific to your company. When your authorized purchaser logs into our online store, they will only see your approved products. If you have standardized on HP.  Only HP products will appear in a search for routers, switches and IP phones.

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Telecom Services

We can provide real time pricing for Business Lines, Long Distance, High Speed Internet, Fiber / Ethernet Access, MPLS Networks and Cell Phones. We provide pricing from over 60 telecommunication carriers like AT&T, Cincinnati Bell, Verizon, Sprint , XO, Level 3, Nuvox e.tc. 

OCG Telecom is directly compensated by carriers and vendors for the services purchased by our clients. Thus, clients who purchase the recommended solution through OCG Telecom are not charged for our analysis and implementation services. Your options are presented in a format that allows you to easily compare each carriers' pricing and service capabilities. When you choose a carrier, we will order and implement the solution.

If you need a computer or phone installer we can provide multiple companies for you to chose from.


Business News

Budget Cuts? Telecom May Be a Place to Trim - Does everyone in your office really need a BlackBerry? Is it time to consider VoIP? With economic storm clouds brewing, this might be the time to take a good look at your telecom plans and equipment and see where cuts can be made.

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If you are looking for an authorized Cisco, Lucent, Avaya dealer or network equipments providers, using the world''s only real-time VAR search engine, VARSearch, you can easily find the right technician and/or equipment dealer nearest you.

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